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shocking isn't it?


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Hi,welcome to my site. The one of the best sites with the best caw's for sd2.

January 21st- My site has now been up for 2 weeks. Today I've done the biggest update in my site's history. I added a WCW page with Meng. I also added British Bulldog & Ahmed Johnson to the Various page. I added Mideon & Naked Mideon to the WWF page and they all have pics. I've taken a request for an old school Rick Stiener so he's up next.

January 20th- I've surpassed the 100 hit mark Sweet! I added an Evil WWF Crush to the Various page. In the pic I had to give him another shirt cause the one he uses I haven't unlocked on bleem. I also added a Fantasy wrestler that I created to the Fantasy page. His name is Arkangel and his mask is pretty cool. I also have had some requests for an eraly British Bulldog, Mideon, and Meng so I'm going to get started on those.

January 19th-I fixed the Jay that I posted yesturday and I posted him with a pic. I also created Silent Bob(Kevin Smith) last night and I posted him also with a pic today. You can find both Jay and Silent Bob on the Celeb page.

January 18th-Sorry about not updating yesturday I had a project to due that I waited till the lastminute to start. Anyways I added a Fantasy Wrestler Page and added a creation of my own a wrestler named Disturbed One. I put him with Raven in the Flock and gave him the Dangerous Driver as a Finisher. It actually works out good. I also added Jay to the Celeb page I'm working on other cast members of Dogma. Remeber if you've got any requests send them to me and I'll do them.


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